What is the Price of Concrete Batching Plant?

2020-07-10201Hito Yang

I get many requests each day for machinery and many people start the conversation by asking me the same question, "I need a cheap concrete batching plant, something to just get started for $10000 or less. What is the price of your concrete batching plant?".

concrete batching plant with skip hoist

Although I know price is always important to any investment many people often believe a cheap batching plant is all they need and they will be successful. Unfortunately purchasing industrial machinery is not as simple as buying on just price. If you are trying to buy on just price it is a very risky game. It would be similar to walking into the 21 hospital and asking the heart surgeon what is the cheapest heart surgery you have? The first question the doctor should have for you is tell me more about why you think you need to see me for heart surgery? What type of surgery do you need and why? The doctor's job is to provide the best solutions for you and not be selling you a cheap alternative that will not accomplish what you need or want.


It sounds so simple but unfortunately I have seen too many newcomers to the industry purchase equipment on price alone and throw their money away because they did not choose the correct equipment or understand it is a system they are buying not one machine.

I would really enjoy for us to do business together so please take my sincere suggestions and do just a little research and ask a few simple questions to suppliers you research. Explore all the options and when you are done looking and doing your research I would enjoy talking with you. I have a booklet I wrote called “Tips in buying a concrete batching plant” that could be very helpful for you. I welcome of opportunity in supplying equipment and my three generations of my family’s experience to you.

The answer to the question is no I do not offer a plant to make concrete for $10000 The question you should be asking yourself and suppliers is in my opinion, what does it cost to get started in the concrete industry with everything I need? The concrete batching plant itself is just one piece of many pieces of equipment you will need. Please don’t get fooled that all you need is a batching plant. That is far from the truth.

Why not show prices of your batching plants on website?

The concrete equipment industry is not like buying a car. In our industry it is a combination of machines linked together sometimes physically and most times electronically that make up an operation. I have found that just showing a price on a single machine item can be very confusing and misleading to buyers.

A buyer needs to understand all the details it takes to put together a concrete products facility before purchasing individual machines. If not, this could lead to huge problems for you, which in turn doesn’t do me any good having a potential dissatisfied customer. Compared to the car analogy you are not buying just a car. You are buying the individual machinery and equipment it takes to manufacture a car.

How do I request a quote of your batching plants and other machinery?

The normal sequence of events is done two ways.

  1. Please note if you want prices on a concrete batching don’t ask to me quote all the plants or machines I have available. That is like walking up to a car dealer and saying “give me every price of every car you have for sale.” If you need to don’t understand the equipment or confused about what you need, try to simply explain your project to me in detail. Let me know what products you want to make and how many you want to make or how 40 many concrete units you think can be sold in a day? Why do you need to do this project? It is also helpful to know what month you need to be in operation and how much you are willing to invest for a concrete products manufacturing operation.
  2. If you tell me about your project, I should have enough information to send you an offer. If I do not have enough information I will contact you by email or phone within approximately 24 hours with any further questions. After gathering any additional details, I then will make sure you get the most appropriate equipment package offer to match your needs.
  3. You can simply pick up the phone and give us. We can discuss your project and I will answer your questions.
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