Concrete Mixer

Concrete Mixer is a kind of equipment for mixing construction mixture such as concrete, mortar, cement mixture and so on. There are many types of concrete mixers, such as drum mixer, single shaft mixer, twin shaft mixer, planetary mixer, pan mixer, pugmill mixer, self loading mixer, truck mixer, etc. Camelway offers most of them, we have more than 20 years experience to design and manufacture concrete mixers.

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer use in concrete batching plant, which is suitable for mixing ready mixed concrete.

Planetary Concrete Mixer use in Concrete batching plant, whic is suitable for mixing precast concrete.

Drum Concrete Mixer mixing concrete at job site, which is suitable for mixing Low quality concrete and mortar.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer also called as camix mixer, which is an ideal machine for mixing concrete at job site.

Truck Concrete Mixer also called transit mixer, which is a truck with mixing drum that transfer and mix rmc from th batch plant to job site.

Camelway Machinery: Construction Equipment Manufacturer

Camelway Machinery is focus on design, development and manufacture construction machines, over past 30 years, we have provide our customers with high-quality construction machinery. Camelway's product range include concrete machines(concrete mixers, batching plants, concrete pumps, etc), aggregate machines(crushers, screens, feeders, etc) and so on, you can get our product catalog in this website. Our office in African countries have been established, please feel free to contact us.
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