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Concrete Mixer

Concrete Mixer is a equipment for mixing construction mixture such as concrete, mortar, cement mixture and so on. There are many types of concrete mixers, such as drum mixer, single shaft mixer, twin shaft mixer, planetary mixer, pan mixer, pugmill mixer, self loading mixer, truck mixer, etc. Camelway offers most of them, we camelway have more than 20 year experience to design and manufacture concrete mixers.

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer use in concrete batching plant, suitbale for mixing ready mixed concrete.

Planetary Concrete Mixer use in Concrete batching plant, suitable for mixing precast concrete.

Drum Concrete Mixer mixing concrete at jobsite, suitable for mixing Low quality concrete and mortar.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer also called as camix mixer, is a ideal machine for mixing concrete at jobsite.

Truck Concrete Mixer also called transit mixer, is a truck with mix drum that transfer and mix rmc from batch plant to jobsite.

  • Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer, Twin Shaft Concrete Mixing Machine

    Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

    The twin-shaft concrete mixer is an effective forced-action concrete mixer consisting of two horizontal shafts with many mixing blades on the horizontal axis. When the mixer is runing, two horizontal shafts drive the mixing blades to make the material move. It achieved the goal of mixing materials quickly. Twin shaft concrete mixer is the most…

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  • Planetary Concrete Mixer, Vertical Shaft Planetary Concrete Mixer, Compulsory Concrete Mixer

    Planetary Concrete Mixer

    The planetary concrete mixer is a compulsory concrete mixer. It drives the main shaft to rotate by the overhead motor. The stirring device on the stirring shaft can rotate and rotate around the central axis to ensure no dead angle during the mixing process. The unique blade-type blade allows the material to move in both horizontal and vertical…

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  • Concrete Mixer Truck, Transit Mixer

    Concrete Mixer Truck

    The concrete mixer truck is a concrete mixer that transports and mix ready-mixed concrete. It consists of a mixing drum and a truck chassis. The truck supports the rotation of the mixing drum during transportation of concrete, which slows down the curing time of concrete, increases the distance of transportation of concrete and ensures the quality…

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  • Concrete Mixer with Pump, Concrete Pump with Mixer

    Concrete Mixer with Pump

    The concrete mixer pump is a small-sized trailer pump that adopts fully automated construction operation. It integrates the functions of feeding, mixing and high-pressure pumping. The concrete mixer with pump operates by electric power. Or it can be powered by diesel with strong power and low fuel consumption. Through the way of on-site mixing and…

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  • Self Loading Concrete Mixer, Carmix for sale

    Self Loading Concrete Mixer

    Self-loading concrete mixer truck is a mobile concrete production equipment, It can automatic feeding, dosing, mixing, transportation and unloading the concrete mix. Self-loading concrete mixer know as 'carmix' in construction field. The self-loading mixer is suitable for production concrete on the jobsite, which significantly increases production…

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  • Drum Concrete Mixer, Gravity Concrete Mixer, Small Portable Concrete Mixer for Sale

    Drum Concrete Mixer

    The drum concrete mixer (Gravity concrete mixer) type can be used to mix all types of plastic, semi-dry concrete and mortar. It is fed from the hopper and drives the mixing cylinder to rotate the material through the gear to mix the material. It has reliable transmission, low noise, low power consumption and mobility. The utility model has the…

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  • Flat Pan Concrete Mixer, Concrete Mixer Manufacturer

    Flat Pan Concrete Mixer

    The Flat Pan Concrete Mixer is a compulsory mixer with a vertical shaft. It consists of a tank with a stirrer, a vertical shaft, mixing blades and an engine. It has good mixing quality, high efficiency, short time, low power consumption and low noise. It is easy to unload and easy to maintain. It is suitable for the production of various plastic,…

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