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How do think of this machine?

The machine for bending reinforcement has received the widest application at construction sites, production of metal and reinforced concrete structures, as well as in specialized reinforcing industries. Bending machines are actively used for the construction of frames in monolithic construction, which is used in concrete products factories, house-building plants, and construction sites, they are designed for bending reinforcing steel of round, square section and strip. Thanks to the use of machines for bending reinforcement, it is possible to significantly reduce the production time of reinforced concrete products and structures, as well as reduce labor costs. The supplied models are equipped with everything necessary and are fully ready for use in enterprises.

Application & Characteristic

  1. Applicable to hot/cold rolled steel, low carbon steel and copper wire.
  2. High power national standard motor, ensures the long lifespan.
  3. High precision angle encoder, which can flexibly adjust the angle of 0-360 degrees.
  4. Easy operation, stable performance, easy to maintain and low noise.

Machines for bending reinforcing steel shall be designed so that the metal has a specific bending angle as specified by the contractor. The main field of application of this equipment in the procurement areas of precast concrete plants, house-building plants, construction sites, in repair and utilities. The machine consists of the following parts: transmission unit, machine holder and working platform. The working platform is driven by electric drives through a triangular belt wheel, two pairs of spur gears. The first grease change in the gearbox should be made after 80 hours and then at least once a year. Under severe operating conditions, regular checking and, if necessary, lubricant replacement is recommended.

Advantages: the CNC module enables automatic and more precise adjustment of the bending angle. The device can be controlled by pedals and buttons. The bending element is made of high alloy steel.

It pays to buy a "good machine", which has been working in the factory for six months, two shifts a day. We only change the oil and cutting tools , customer rating.

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