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Concrete distribution booms complete with stationary or linear concrete pumps that are used to reduce construction time and improve the quality of concrete mix laying. The reduction in construction time is achieved. First of all, due to a significant reduction in the employment of cranes during the production of concrete work.

Concrete laying with the help of a concrete-dispensing boom allows, due to uniformity of laying, to avoid the occurrence of excessive loads on the formwork (which arise when pouring with tubs) and to prevent delamination of the concrete mixture when pouring concrete into the formwork.

Typically, concrete distribution booms are mounted on self-supporting supports in elevator shafts or special openings in the floors of a building. When using concrete distribution booms on 4 supports, additional holes in the ceilings are not needed. The maximum length of the boom on the supports reaches 12 meters. The boom on the supports can move, if necessary, over the entire working horizon of the building.

The concrete pipeline mainly from the concrete pump to the distribution boom is mounted outside the building or in specially left openings in the ceilings; the concrete pipeline can also be mounted in the elevator shaft. As the floors of the building grow, the concrete pipeline grows.

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