Flat Pan Concrete Mixer

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Our Camelway Machinery Design, Manufacture and Sell Flat Pan Concrete Mixer and Related Construction Machines with competitive prices and guaranteed quality in Africa. We have client cases all over Africa. If you have any questions about this device, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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How do think of this machine?

The Flat Pan Concrete Mixer is a compulsory mixer with a vertical shaft. It consists of a tank with a stirrer, a vertical shaft, mixing blades and an engine. Thus it has good mixing quality, high efficiency, short time, low power consumption and low noise, which is also easy to unload and easy to maintain. In addition, it is suitable for the production of various plastic, dry and solid aggregates and various mortars. Becasue the flat pan concrete mixer is a compulsory mixer, so it is having a higher mixing efficiency than drum mixer.

Camelway flat mixers are small, easy to transport, simple and efficient, durable and suitable for mixing concrete or mortar in a wide range of construction sites or precast plants.

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