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Cone crushers are popular rock crushing machines in aggregates production, mining operations, and recycling applications, which is a compression type of machine that reduces material by squeezing or compressing the feed material between a moving piece of steel and a stationary piece of steel. 

Working Principle

The moving cone of the cone crusher will do crank motion under the driving effect of eccentric locking collar, which can press, scrub and grind the materials between crushing wall and concave. Based on classical lamination theory, materials bear force from different directions, and they are crushed and ground a long their own textures. Finally, when raw materials are crushed to small particle of stone. Some of them (up to the standard) will be discharged, but others will be re-broken until they meet the final requirements.

Camelway offers types of cone crusher for different applications.

PY Spring Cone Crusher

PY series spring cone crusher uses spring structure as its overload protection system. Structurally, PY series spring cone crusher is simpler, and it can also adjust the size of discharge port by regulating the degree of spring tightness. PY series crusher adopts air-proof grease lubrication system, which can effectively isolate dust and lubricating oil so as to ensure the crusher can work stably. The crushing cavity of PY series spring cone crusher includes standard, medium and short types, which are respectively suitable for secondary or tertiary crushing. You can choose the appropriate crushing cavity according to your practical need.

Multi cylinder Cone Crusher

ZSHP series crusher is a kind of "multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher" because there are several cylinders around it, which are used to adjust the size of discharge opening in order to control the products'size and output. In addition, when foreign matters fall into crushing chamber, the hydraulic cylinder can play a protective role. ZSHP series cone crusher perfectly combines rotational speed, eccentricity, crushing force of the crusher with the crushing chamber design, which can help it get higher production and more stable performance in secondary, tertiary even quaternary crushing. Like GP series single cylinder cone crusher, ZSHP series crushers can also meet different production requirements by adjusting crushing chamber types. Short-head type crushing cone is much steeper, so its feeding and discharging size are small, while the standard type has a larger feeding and discharging opening. Therefore, short-head type cone crusher is more suitable for tertiary or quaternary crushing while standard-head type suits for secondary or tertiary.

Single Cylinder Cone Crusher

Unlike other cone crushers, ZSDG single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher uses one hydraulic cylinder to adjust the discharge opening. ZSDG series crushers developed by Camelway Machinery can produce the final products in line with your requirements efficiently, reliably and economically. In addition, you can change different crushing chamber based on material types and different requirements for products size, so it is suitable for secondary, tertiary and quaternary crushing. In building aggregates or mining processing field, whether you require high crushing ratio, and first-class grain shape or high output, ZSDG series crushers can meet all of your requirements.

ZSDG series crushers have hydraulic locking device, hydraulic adjustment capability, over-iron release and hydraulic clearing functions. It is equipped with hydraulic and lubrication system to ensure stable operation of the equipment. Hydraulic system can flexibly adjust the size of discharge opening by pushing the cylinder, which can control the granularity and output of the products. Electrical control system contains poly phase E-intelligence display and LUC system which can protect the entire equipment and conduct real-time monitor for oil temperature, oil pressure and oil flow, etc.

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