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How do think of this machine?

Continuous Mixing Plant is also called pugmill plant, it have higher capacity than batching plant, because it use continuous mixer to mixing the mixture, it use in applications that need large amount of cement mixture, usually be used for producing roadbase material such as roll compact concrete, lime soil, stabilized soil, cement-stabilized macadam, etc.

The Camelway continuous mixing plant is stable and reliable, with low investment costs, and is widely used in road construction, dam construction, backfilling of quarries, soil restoration and construction of runways.

Stationary Continuous Mixing Plant

The stationary continuous mixing plant provides a capacity of 200 to 600 tons per hour, which is ideally suited for RCC equipment (mixing of compacting rollers), paving slabs and equipment for the production of stabilized soil. The stationary continuous mixing plant consists of continuous mixer, metering device with several hoppers, cement hopper and metering device.

Mobile Continuous Mixing Plant

Mobile Continuous Mixing Plant owns the advantages of small footprint, quick installation and convenient transportation. It can be easily transferred from one project to another with maximum capacity of 300 ton/h. A mobile continuous mixing plant is used to produce various cement-stabilized soil and cement-stabilized gravel. This is the best equipment for all types of road work, construction of dams, backfilling of quarries, soil restoration and construction of the runway.

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