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How do think of this machine?

Vibrating Presses called as Vibration Block Making Machine, is a heart machine of a block making plant. Vibrating Presses to produce blocks, floor tiles, and other small concrete pre-cast high quality elements. Camelway offers types of vibrating presses that allow you to produce cinder blocks, clay blocks, concrete blocks, etc. Economy vibropresses are suitable for the production of all types of concrete products: paving slabs, blocks, borders, elements for chimneys, etc. They work in a semi-automatic mode of operation. These models are Economy class models for customers with a small budget and production volumes. Automatic Brick Making Machine produces all types of concrete products, like the economy vibrating presses, but has large capacity than it, work in an automatic mode. Manual Brick Making Machine operated by manual, it is easy to operate, low cost machine.

Advantages Cooperation with us

  1. We are a reliable supplier of standard and non-standard vibrating presses for the production of any building and finishing materials.
  2. We design and manufacture products ourselves, using the experience and knowledge of our manufacturing partners.
  3. We provide the best prices to our Clients for manufacturing equipment and related products.

How to choose a vibrating press?

If you decided to invest in a highly profitable and demanded business for the production of small piece concrete products today and buy a vibrating press for these purposes. The question before you is where to go and how to choose the right equipment for your tasks.

Block Making Plant production of small-sized brick products by vibro compression use various components that with certain functions, the performance of the plant depends on the performance of all the components, but the heart of the plant is of course the vibrating press, and you should pay most attention to it when choosing vibropress equipment.

1. First of all, decide which products you will produce.

Most modern vibro presses are universal and can make both paving slabs and blocks with curbs, and reconfiguring the vibro press to a different type of product is automated and does not take much time. Nevertheless, check with the seller the size of the molding zone of the technological pallet, as well as the range of height of molding of concrete products, since the possibility of producing borders 1 meter long and products of different height depends on this.

2. Decide on the Productivity Capacity.

It is worth considering that in the production of several types of products, only their alternate release on one vibrating press is possible. Also, it is important to remember that all manufacturers of vibro press equipment indicate the maximum possible theoretical productivity of vibropress under ideal conditions. Actual productivity depends on the degree of automation of the line, timely delivery and quality of the concrete mix, the quality of the molds, the number of process pallets, the area of the room for holding products, etc.

3. Decide on whether need a second front layer.

The use of the front layer in the production of paving slabs and borders allows not only to save expensive white cement and pigments by coloring only the top layer of the product, but also to improve the aesthetic characteristics and texture of the products without their use, using a finer fraction on the second layer. Using this opportunity in vibrocompression entails a rise in the cost of initial investments due to the inclusion of additional modules and units, but also opens up prospects for expanding the range of products.

4. Check with your supplier for the type of vibration table.

The quality and speed of compaction of the concrete mixture with a vibrating press directly depends on the type and power of the vibrating system, the larger the product, the more powerful the vibrating table should be. Vibrating tables of most modern good vibrating presses are made using synchronized vibration blocks with powerful drives and cardan transmission. The use of frequency converters makes it possible to electronically control the frequency of vibration, which makes the vibro press universal and the location of the shafts with unbalances in the housing with oil, reduces wear and extends the life of the equipment.

5. Pay attention to the presence of vibrators on the punch.

The presence of vibrators on the punch of the vibro press prevents the concrete from sticking to the punch when stripping the matrix products and provides a smoother surface texture of the product.

6. Check how quickly the mold changes.

Good modern vibrating presses are equipped with quick mold change systems, which are very important for universal vibrating presses when switching from the production of one type of product to another. Fixings of the molds of the mounting places on the vibrating press do not have bolted connection, but are carried out by means of pneumatic locks. Changing molds on machines without such a system is a very time-consuming process and requires special qualifications and experience, it is common for a mold to be changed on a vibrating press all day, while using this system takes no more than 20-30 minutes.

7. Check availability of agitator in transfer car.

Transfer car or measuring box is designed to supply a concrete mixture to the matrix. The distribution of the mixture in the matrix is due to the reciprocating movement of the transfer vehicle over the mold. For uniform distribution of the mixture over the cells of the matrix, an internal agitator is used and if it is, then this is good.

8. Pay attention to the weight of the vibrating press.

When choosing a vibrating press, it is very important to pay attention to its weight, as vibro press is a source of high vibrational loads and vibration is transmitted, including the frame, weight indicates the amount of metal in the structure and its reliability.

9. Availability of additional equipment.

In order for the entire line to work automatically in time and at the speed of a vibrating press, it is necessary to ensure the timely supply of concrete mixture, the supply of technological pallets, the movement of pallets for heat-moisture treatment and vice versa, the unloading of technological pallets and packaging of finished products. A good supplier will offer you a whole set of near-press equipment for a vibro press line, and a conscientious one will also offer several options for ready-made solutions to complete your vibro press production.

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