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Our Camelway Machinery Design, Manufacture and Sell Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer and Related Construction Machines with competitive prices and guaranteed quality in Africa. We have client cases all over Africa. If you have any questions about this device, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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How do think of this machine?

The twin-shaft concrete mixer is an effective forced-action concrete mixer consisting of two horizontal shafts with many mixing blades on the horizontal axis. When the mixer is running, two horizontal shafts drive the mixing blades to make the material move. It achieved the goal of mixing materials quickly. Twin shaft concrete mixer is the most commonly utilized mixer in concrete mixing plants.

Camelway Machinery provides customers with two types of twin-shaft concrete mixers, one of which is a mixer feed by a lifting hopper with a capacity of 0.5 to 1.5 cubic meters, it is usually used at various small concrete mixing plant; Another type is feeded by Belt feed, capacity is from 1 to 3 cubic meters, which is usually used in large and medium sized concrete mixing plants.

Camelway has accumulated rich experience in the production of twin-shaft concrete mixers since 1996. Our twin-shaft mixers use thicker raw materials to increase efficiency and extend service life.

Technical Specifications

ItemCharging Capacity (L)Discharging Capacity(L)Productivity( m/h)Aggregate Size(cobble/gravel) (mm)Overall Dimension
(LXWXH) (mm)
JS50080050025 Min80/604486x3030x5280
JS750120075035 Min80/605100x2250x6700
JS10001600100050 Min80/608765x3436x9540
JS15002400150075 Min80/609645X3436X9700
JS200032002000100 Min80/603500X2320X1677
JS300048003000150 Min80/603990X2600X1700
JS400064004000200 Min120/1004450X3050X2380

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