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Rebar Equipment

Nowadays, reinforcement is used on almost all construction sites, and a strong reinforcement cage is a prerequisite for the construction of reliable concrete structures. Using an automated machine, it can significantly improve work efficiency. Camelway offers a wide range of equipment for processing reinforcement, including machines for bending reinforcement, machine for cutting reinforcing bars, machines for molding reinforcing bars, machines for connecting reinforcing bars and machines for prestressing reinforcing bars, etc.

  • Rebar Bending Machine, Automatic Steel bar Bending Machine

    Rebar Bending Machine

    The machine for bending reinforcement has received the widest application at construction sites, production of metal and reinforced concrete structures, as well as at specialized reinforcing industries. Bending machines are actively used for the construction of frames in monolithic construction, it is used in concrete products factories, house-…

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  • Rebar Cutting Machine, Steel bar Cutting Machine

    Rebar Cutting Machine

    Rebar cutting machines are a reliable assistant in construction and installation works, they are used for high-quality and high-precision machining of steel rods, reinforcement with or without screw thread. Rebar cutting machines are compact equipment that is an integral element in machine-building enterprises, metallurgical plants, in foundry, in…

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  • Rebar Straightening and Cutting Machine

    Rebar Straightening Cutting Machine

    Rebar straightening and cutting machine is a special equipment designed for construction sites. The straightening and cutting machine has been widely used at all construction sites and has established itself as a reliable and easy-to-use equipment. The straightening and cutting machine is used to straighten metal wire directly from bays and coils.…

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Camelway Machinery is focus on design, development and manufacture construction machines, over past 30 years, we have provide our customers with high-quality construction machinery. Camelway's product range include concrete machines(concrete mixers, batching plants, concrete pumps, etc), aggregate machines(crushers, screens, feeders, etc) and so on, you can get our product catalog in this website. Our office in African countries have been established, please feel free to contact us.