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The most significant drawback of a linear concrete pump is the absence of a concrete-distributing hydraulic boom. This is perhaps the only indicator where BNL is inferior to conventional concrete pumps. Concrete has to be distributed by the hands of the workers, guiding the end flexible hose independently. Inconvenience can also occur when connecting concrete ducts and moving them. Such concrete ducts, as a rule, are three-meter and weigh 35-45kg, depending on the quality of the steel. Disadvantages of a linear concrete pump end there. Regarding the benefits, you can write more about benefits, but only the most important ones. Firstly, by placing an order for a linear concrete pump, you get 150 meters of concrete supply already on board the BNL. A stationary concrete pump, as is known, is deprived of such an opportunity and, in order to receive a highway, its additional delivery by a manipulator is necessary. Secondly, the compact dimensions of a linear concrete pump make it possible to install and supply concrete from the most difficult and limited places. For the installation of BNL and its full-fledged operation, a platform of only 3 meters in width and 8 meters in length is required. The required area required by a conventional 52-meter ABN can be up to 10 meters wide and the same length, the absence of which will lead to the inability of the ABN to work. In a word, a linear concrete pump in some cases performs an exceptional and inaccessible work for other types of concrete pumps and is therefore considered to be truly irreplaceable.

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