How to operate the self loading concrete mixer?

2020-12-03160Bonnie Yang

When the mixer is loading the mixed concrete, the speed of the agitator cylinder is 2-10r/min. In the process of transportation, the speed of that equipment on the smooth road surface is guaranteed to be 2-3 r/min. When traveling on the road surface with a slope greater than 50, or when the road surface is shaking a lot, the agitator rotation should be stopped, and the agitator rotation should be resumed after the road condition improves. Before starting, the agitator operating handle should be placed in the "stop" position. After starting the engine, the mixing cylinder should be rolled at low speed for about 10 minutes and the hydraulic oil temperature should be raised to above 20℃ before operation.

When there is concrete in the mixer, do not stay on the site for more than one hour. If the time exceeds 1 hour, please ask the person in charge of the site to deal with it timely. Slump degree of concrete transported by self loading mixer shall not be less than 8cm. From concrete entering to discharge, it shall not exceed 2 hours in high temperature and 2.5 hours in low temperature in rainy weather. On the way to transport concrete, the mixing cylinder must not stop for a long time to prevent concrete segregation phenomenon.The driver shall investigate the specific situation at any time, inform the dispatching room in time of any abnormal situation, and request for handling.

When self loading mixer is parked in the open air, the mixing cylinder should be turned before loading to discharge the water and sundries in order to ensure the quality of concrete. When transporting concrete, it is necessary to ensure that the sliding bucket is firmly placed, so as to prevent it from becoming loose and swaying, injuring pedestrians or affecting the normal operation of other vehicles during the trek. At the end of discharging, the inlet, outlet hopper and outlet chute should be flushed with the hose of the vehicle immediately, and then 150-200L of clean water should be poured into the mixing cylinder to make the mixing cylinder roll slowly to clean the inner wall.

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