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Concrete pumps are a type of construction equipment designed to supply concrete to the installation site. The feed is carried out at high speed and is performed in the vertical or horizontal direction.

Mainly automobile concrete pumps are used during the construction of high-rise buildings for various purposes and the construction of monolithic pipes. They are successfully used in the creation of floors and flooring. For this purpose, concrete pumps are equipped with concrete pipelines and pipelines, allowing concrete to be delivered to an impressive height and depth.

Additional components of the concrete pump are the control panel, modernized hydraulic shock absorption and cooling systems, high-strength chrome-plated cylinders, as well as extendable bearings. Modern models of automobile concrete pumps are equipped with special systems for cleaning the concrete pipe, the main component of which is an air compressor.

An automobile concrete pump (Concrete pump) is designed to receive freshly prepared concrete mix from specialized concrete vehicles and supply it in horizontal and vertical directions to the place of laying at construction sites via using a concrete distribution boom.

It is used in the construction of buildings and structures from monolithic concrete and reinforced concrete, the construction of bridges, tunnels, etc.

Depending on the mobility of the concrete, the concrete is pumped to a height of up to 60 m by concrete distribution arms or fixed concrete conduits and to inaccessible places.

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