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How do think of this machine?

ZS series vertical shaft impact crusher is a type of crushing machine equipped with only one motor, which is mainly used in artificial sand making and shaping. Thanks to its unique technology of single motor operating, Zs series vertical shaft impact crusher can save more than 50% energy compared with traditional equipment but it also can guarantee the same or higher production capacity, which also adopts static balance and dynamic balance technology, so you don't need to worry about its stability even though it just has one motor. Camelway Machinery has accumulated many years of production experience and drawn on international advanced technology, so this crushing machine can produce quality manufactured sand with fine grain shape, which is especially suitable for commercial concrete mixing plant, asphalt mixing plant, stabilized soil mixing plant and dry mortar mixing plant. In addition. This machine also has wide applications in the fields of water conservancy and hydropower, highway, bridge and construction, etc., which is worth mentioning that can be used to crush glass and ceramics materials.

The motor drives bearing to move, and the spindle and rotor start rotate at high speed, so the materials had entered into impeller will be jetted into the crushing chamber, and then they are mutually impacted and ground with the interlining materials in the crushing chamber. It utilizes the energy that materials get from machine operation to crush or shape raw materials. This way is named as "stone impacts stone". Additionally, there is another way to named as "stone impacts iron" during the operation of this machine.The difference between it and "stone hitting stone" is after the material is sprayed. They will hit against the impact plate in the crushing cavity, and then the materials will be discharged. This is not the same as “stone impacts stone” which can crush materials repeatedly in crushing chamber.


  1. Large feeding opening, and it is accessible to 89mm raw materials, which can decrease the number of crushers in crushing production line.
  2. It just needs one motor, so that can save more than 50% energy and its input-output ratio is low.
  3. It adopts wearing parts made by special materials, which can prolong its service life and reduce cost.
  4. For sand making and aggregates shaping, which can use different cavity types optionally.
  5. It uses hydraulic lifter to provide safe and convenient maintenance.

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