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How do think of this machine?

Belt Type Concrete batching Plant is a type of stationary concrete mixing plant that uses the belt conveyors to transfer the aggregate which weighted by the aggregate batcher to the mixer. Most large concrete batching plants are belt type concrete batching plant, as it owns the advantages of more stable, less wear and larger capacity, suitable for long-term & non-stop operation. Many large concrete supply companies purchase this type of concrete batching plant for conducting or extend business in Africa.

The theoretical production capacity of the belt-type concrete mixing plant manufactured by Camelway is between 60 and 270 square meters per hour. A plant with two mixer can double the capacity of the batching plant. The belt concrete batching plant is especially suitable for the mass production of high-quality concrete. The Camelway belt type stationary concrete batching plant can be used to produce all kinds of ready-mixed concrete, RCC, ultra-high-strength concrete, reinforced concrete, and so on.

Advantages of Camelway's Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant

  1. Production is stable and efficient, which is extremely suitable for large-scale engineering use.
  2. Low noise, energy saving, simple version can help reduce investment costs.
  3. High degree of automation, failure rate is extremely low.

What Price of your Concrete Batching Plant?

Many people ask us the price of the belt concrete mixing plant, our professional advice is that if you are unfamiliar in this industry but interested in investing in a concrete batching plant, the Skip Hoist Concrete Batching Plant may be more suitable for you, because belt type concrete batching plant is a large facility, which need a professional team to manage it. Professional buyers usually get detailed quotations and contracts from us after inform us their specific need(such as capacity, delivery port, installation terms, etc.)(see what is the price of concrete batching plant?).

How will I know what size and type of off-loading machinery is needed when the trucks and containers arrive with my new machinery?

Our service technicians will provide you with a detailed list of the required crane and forklift sizes before the machine arrives. The list will also include all the dimensions and individual weight of the machines and accessory items. In addition, there will be extensive coordination including a checklist of recommended tools and accessory items that will be required to operate, maintain and clean a batching plant operation.

Technical Specifications

Entire PlantModelHZS60HZS90HZS120HZS180
Capacity (m3/h)6090120180
Standard Discharging Height (mm)3800380040004000
Operation Cycle Time (s)60606060
Max Aggregate Size (mm)60/8060/8060/8060/80
Total Installed Power(kW)105145210280
Total Weight (T)506080110
Size (m)
Mixing SystemMixerJS1000JS1500JS2000JS3000
Mixing Motor (kw)2×18.52×302×372×55
Batching SystemBatching MachinePLD1600PLD2400PLD3200PLD4800
Capacity of Storage Hopper (m3)4×54×104×184×25
Weight SystemAggregate Weighing Precision (%)±2±2±2±2
Cement Weighing Precision (%)±1±1±1±1
Water Weighing Precision (%)±1±1±1±1
Additive weighing Precision (%)±1±1±1±1

The above data is for reference only, Camelway reserves the right to adjust the system parameters at any time in accordance with the actual situation without prior notice.

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