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Concrete Pump

Concrete Pump is Very common equipment in construction site, it pumps the concrete to high builds, Camelway sells various types of concrete pumps in africa, including mud pumps, trailed / stationary pumps and filling booms. Our concrete pumps are suitable for all types of large and medium-sized projects, which are durable and have a lower failure rate.

  • Concrete Pump with Mixer

    Concrete Pump with Mixer

    A concrete pump mixer is a small-sized towing pump that uses a fully automated design and combines high-pressure feed, mixing and pumping. This is a type of soil pump, which can also be called an integrated machine for a soil pump, a soil pump for a mixer, etc. Concrete pump mixer can work from electricity, as well as from a diesel engine in the…

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  • Trailer concrete pump, Stationary Concrete Pump

    Trailer concrete pump

    Reliable Camelway stationary concrete pumps are ideal for conveying concrete vertically and horizontally through a concrete pipeline and concrete distribution systems. Camelway offers high-performance equipment manufactured in China that meets the highest requirements.For us, the quality of technology is of paramount importance. Therefore, in our…

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  • Stationary Concrete Pump, Concrete Distribution Boom

    Concrete distribution booms

    Concrete distribution booms complete with stationary or linear concrete pumps are used to reduce construction time and improve the quality of concrete mix laying. The reduction in construction time is achieved, first of all, due to a significant reduction in the employment of cranes during the production of concrete work.Concrete laying with the…

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  • Linear Concrete Pump

    Linear Concrete Pump

    The most significant drawback of a linear concrete pump is the absence of a concrete-distributing hydraulic boom. This is perhaps the only indicator where BNL is inferior to conventional concrete pumps. Concrete has to be distributed by the hands of the workers, guiding the end flexible hose independently. Inconvenience can also occur when…

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  • Concrete pump truck

    Concrete pump truck

    Concrete pumps are a type of construction equipment designed to supply concrete to the installation site. The feed is carried out at high speed and is performed in the vertical or horizontal direction.Mainly automobile concrete pumps are used during the construction of high-rise buildings for various purposes and the construction of monolithic…

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Camelway Machinery is focus on design, development and manufacture construction machines, over past 30 years, we have provide our customers with high-quality construction machinery. Camelway's product range include concrete machines(concrete mixers, batching plants, concrete pumps, etc), aggregate machines(crushers, screens, feeders, etc) and so on, you can get our product catalog in this website. Our office in African countries have been established, please feel free to contact us.