Opening method of the concrete JS mixer

2020-07-1022Bonnie Yang

Do you still own the manually opening concrete mixer? Do you still  whiny about that there always need some one to stand by the mixer all the time? Do you want a mixer that can save time and labor?

Then just choose the hydraulic opening method of the JS concrete mixer.  We Camelway Machinery can meet all your requirements come ture.

Hydraulic Unit Show of the concrete batching plant

Compared with manual opening of the mixer, hydraulic opening has stronger strength. After using the concrete mixer for a long time, the outlet is likely to get stuck. At this time, the hydraulic opening with greater thrust can no doubt better avoid getting stuck.

Open and close the port more gently than pneumatic opening method.The mixer is controlled by the travel switch gate, pneumatic cylinder action is very fast, it is easy to cause the damage of the travel switch.

Hydraulic opening method of concrete mixer is not afraid of freezing, suitable for low temperature area. Pneumatic opening method, is through the air pump to achieve pneumatic control of compressed air, the pipeline is bound to have water. In the cold region, it is easy to cause the pipeline to freeze, leading to the gas channel blocked, the port closed.

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