Specifications of Camelway concrete pump

2020-11-20183Bonnie Yang

Camelway Machinery has been specialized in the production of concrete pump for many years, there are some specifications of our product:

Product features

  1. The heavy traffic: Use coarse material cylinder, so that each cycle of the machine to discharge 20% more.
  2. High efficiency: Quick connection pipe card is adopted for convenient movement to improve work efficiency.
  3. The convenient: This machine can be remotely controlled, the operation is not restricted by the location, more human.

Product structure configuration

  1. Cooling system: High speed fan is used to control the oil temperature of the whole machine effectively to ensure sufficient pressure.
  2. Lubrication pump: Electric grease injection pump, low speed accurate injection to ensure the lubrication of each important link.
  3. The remote control: High precision remote operation and remote control, more convenient and handy, not subject to local restrictions.
  4. Electric cabinet: Adopt double door toughened glass design, effectively prevent dust.
  5. Hydraulic motors: The low speed hydraulic motor is responsible for softening the mixing of concrete in the hopper.
  6. The main oil pump: Large flow plunger constant power, oil pump can adjust the flow effectively to protect the smooth operation of the motor.
  7. Glasses plate: Glasses board, cutting ring, hard alloy inlaid manufacturing, durable.
  8. The small end: Wear-resistant split end with high concentricity.
  9. Valve block: The system integral valve block structure is reasonable, the system pressure balance.

If you are also interested in that machine, just contact me. Bonnie Yang, email: bonnie@camelway.com, mob: +86 17839193601.

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