Self Loading Concrete Mixer With Pump

2020-12-08213Lina Zhang

Self loading concrete mixer with pump is used to produce and transport concrete on-site, because self-loading design, which greatly improves the working efficiency. It is the most popular concrete machine among Camelway machinery, and has good sales volume. It is like a small mobile concrete batching plant, can quicken your project efficiently. Therefore, this page will show you different specifications of self-loading concrete mixers and some successful cases about them. Meanwhile, there will be a brief introduction about their advantages.

Different Capacities Of Self Loading Concrete Mixer With Pump

Camelway can mainly supply you 1.6 cub, 2 cub,  3.5 cub, 4.0 cub and 5.5 cub. Among them, 1.6 cub, 2 cub and 4 cub are sold better than other capacities. Of course, it all depends requirement of our customers.

Advantages Of Self Loading Concrete Mixer With Pump

  1. Hydraulic parts have long-term service life.
  2. Our self-loading concrete mixer for sale can produce four tank concrete at one hour.
  3. Seat of driving cab is very comfortable, there is refrigerator.
  4. Produce 150 cubic meter concrete, if the mixer works 8 to 10 hours one day.
  5. We use brand part, such as, hydraulic motor, hydraulic pump and reducer. All of them are imported from abroad.
  6. The drum can rotate 270 degrees, which is beneficial to discharge concrete in various direction.
  7. Four-wheel steering, which realize convenient movement.

Now, you must ask: how about the self-loading concrete pump with mixer price? Even though Camelway self loading mixer has so many advantages, it also with high performance cost ratio. We have factory, we can produce self loading concrete mixers, so we will give you a factory price. Moreover, you can pay a visit to our factory, we will show you the whole production process of the mixer machine.

In addition above issues, there is also an important item, that's self loading concrete mixer manufacturers. Finding a reliable manufacturer is the first step for you to get a quality self loading mixer. So how to find reputable manufacturers and suppliers? There are three tips for your reference.

Whether there is a factory. If you find a manufacturer online, you must ask them whether they have a factory, otherwise, they will give you a high quotation.

Factory scale. If the manufacturer you find has factory, the next step is see the scale of the factory. If the factory is big, and there are many spare parts, components are everywhere, they will be a reputable manufacturer.

Amount of workers. If there are many workers, and when you pay a visit, they are working on their own position, which proves that this manufacturer have many orders.

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