Instructions for use of summer and winter lubricants in concrete batching plant


Instructions for using lubricants for concrete batching plant hosts may differ between summer and winter, as temperature changes may affect lubricant performance and demand. Here are some general suggestions:

Instructions for using summer lubricants:

  1. Choose a lower viscosity lubricant to accommodate high temperature environments. Generally, summer requires the use of lubricating oil with lower viscosity to ensure that it can still provide good lubrication effect at high temperatures.
  2. Make sure to check the oil level and quality regularly. At high temperatures, lubricants may evaporate or degrade more quickly, requiring more frequent inspections and replacements.
  3. Choose the right brand and model of summer lubricant according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Different brands and models of lubricants may have different properties and applicability.

Instructions for using winter lubricants:

  1. Choose lubricants with higher viscosity to adapt to low temperature environments. At low temperatures, lubricants with higher viscosity can better maintain lubrication properties and prevent damage to the machine when starting.
  2. In cold winters, especially in extremely cold areas, it may be necessary to use specially designed low-temperature lubricants to ensure that the lubrication effect can still be maintained at extreme low temperatures.
  3. Regularly check the fluidity and quality of the lubricant to ensure it can still work properly at low temperatures.

Whether it is summer or winter, the lubricant usage instructions and recommendations provided by the manufacturer of the concrete mixer should be strictly followed to ensure the normal operation and long-term reliability of the equipment. At the same time, regular maintenance and upkeep are also important factors in ensuring equipment performance.

Experienced concrete batching plant operators all know that the lubrication used by the concrete batching plant host in different seasons in summer and winter is different. The lubricating oil of the mixing system of the concrete batching plant is mainly used on the reduction box on the main motor. Different types of lubricating oil are selected according to the seasons.

The main motor of the concrete mixer is directly connected to the reduction box, and finally drives the two horizontally arranged mixing shafts to rotate at a constant speed toward each other through two pairs of open gears or couplings. In order to ensure that the reduction gearbox can work normally, lubricating oil must be injected according to the height shown on the right side of the reduction gearbox. Use HL-30 gear oil in summer and JL-20 gear oil in winter. The oil of a new machine should be changed every 150 hours and 300 hours after it is started to be used, and every 1,000 hours after it is not in use.

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