HZS90 1.5m3 concrete mixing plant to Indonesia

2020-09-3074Lina Zhang

Yesterday we just completed the delivery for HZS90 1.5m3 concrete mixing plant in Indonesia.

This time customer chose the SICOMA MAO concrete mixer, PLD2400 batching machine with 5 bins, two cement silos 100tons, belt loading system and BOSURE centralized monitoring system.

HZS90 1.5m3 Belt Conveyor Concrete Batching Plant

HZS90 concrete mixing plant is developed by our company on the basis of adopting the world's sophisticated technologies, this concrete mixing plant have been widely used in the domestic and overboard,  as well as earned a perfect reputations in the construction field, we have dedicated in manufacturing concrete mixing plant for many years.
It can mix the hard concrete, plastic concrete, liquid concrete, and various other lightweight aggregate concrete. The plant has various operational modes as fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual and so, a high degree of automation.

Features of 1.5m3 Concrete Batching Plant

  1. This concrete mixing plant adopts JS1500 concrete mixer, it is a double horizontal shaft concrete mixer, so it can mix concrete efficiency and enough in a short time. 
  2. The electronic weighting system has a buffer device and automatic volume compensation with high accuracy.
  3. Sand & gravel batching machine uses PLD2400, which has highly accurate measuring.
  4. There are also maintenance channels so that engineers can easily inspect the factory.
  5. Cement is stored in cement silo, and feeding by a screw conveyor.
  6. Water supply system is composed by water tank, water pump and water weigher.
  7. The whole mixing, batching system is operated by electrical control room or control plate, fully automatically.
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