Delivery 15m3/h small concrete mixer pump to Africa

2020-09-1612Lina Zhang

Concrete mixer pump integrates concrete feeding, mixing and conveying functions seamlessly in one concrete pump machine. the concrete mixer pump can be driven by a diesel engine or electric motor as your choice. It is widely used for continuously concrete mixing and conveying through high hydraulic pressure along the pipeline in such applications as housing building, bridge or tunnel construction.

Camelway brand concrete mixer pump is made with high wear and strong corrosion resistant chrome alloy steel to greatly improve the product performance, and is optimized by the proportional electric control buffering, pressure differential sensing and reversing technology to decrease the high pressure oil pump reversing time. Our concrete mixer pump is intelligently controlled to achieve the perfect and high efficient concrete mixing and conveying, it features compact structure, stable concrete pumping, energy saving, high efficiency, flexible movement and easy operation, etc.Its main parts include diesel engine domestic brand yuchai,WEICHAI DEUTZ, CUMMINS,KAWASAKI main oil pump, Germany Bolseen valves, high-pressure pipes, glass-like plate and cutting ring, concrete cylinder etc.

Except 15m3/h concrete mixer pump, we still have 30m3/h 40m3/h 50m3/h for your choice.

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