Concrete batching plant's inspection and working principle

2020-09-2444Bonnie Yang

Concrete batching plant is a kind of concrete mixing equipment, the specifications of the mixing station are named according to the output of it.

Analysis of the causes of low work efficiency

The main reasons for the delay in improving the efficiency of concrete mixers are as follows:

  1. The preparation time is longer than that of stirring and discharging. As the delivery of various raw materials can only be carried out after the completion of the preparation time. In that case, the whole process has a lot of free time, which can only wait for the preparation work, greatly reducing the work efficiency, unable to complete the corresponding workload in unit time.
  2. The preparation time is less than or equal to the sum of two(stirring and discharging). In the concrete production process, the working efficiency calculation denominator is relatively large, that mean, the total production time is too long, the production balance of the entire concrete will be broken, resulting in low working efficiency. Generally speaking, the preparation stage wastes too much time, that is, the weighing of raw materials or the transportation process is too long. In general, such as sand and gravel material due to its particularity, want to transport to the blender is very difficult, so it is basically a long time, during the period of cement and curing agents as well as the weighing of water and transport can end, so the sand and pebble can be completed in accordance with the standard time weighing and shipping will directly decide the working efficiency of the concrete mixing station.In the actual work, we can control the rate of the weighing tool, so that the transport equipment can complete the transport work more effectively, which is very beneficial to reduce the transport time of pebbles and gravel.

What are the inspection regulations for concrete batching plant?

  1. The upper and lower limits of the hopper and the limit switches of each part shall act sensitively and reliably;
  2. The upper hopper wire rope shall comply with the relevant provision of Article 6.1.8 of this code;
  3. All enclosures and protective facilities shall be complete, complete and reliable;
  4. The mixing station (building) should be equipped with lightning protection devices;For grounding device is connected PE line repeat grounding should be done at the same time, the grounding resistance should not be greater than 10 Ω;
  5. The mixing station (building) shall be equipped with applicable fire extinguishing equipment;
  6. Leakage protector parameters should match, installation should be correct, the action should be sensitive and reliable.

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