Camelway take part in the China Construction Machinery Trade Fair

2020-10-16166Bonnie Yang

From 15-17 October, 2020, China Construction Machinery Trade Fair are held in Zhengzhou, Henan province, China. Although the weather is raining, it has not affected the work enthusiasm of us.

Camelway as a leading company in this industry with 38 years old factory with 9 years' international trade experience also take part in this exhibition. "Good equipment, without make up" this is the slogan of our company this time.

We sincerely welcome people from all walks of society to come to our company both for communication and guidance.

If you have any questions about the construction machine, you can also just leave the message or send email to me: Bonnie Yang, mob: +86 17839193601, email: [email protected].

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