How to maintain the batching plant in rainy season

2020-11-1381Bonnie Yang

Rainy season should be strictly in accordance with the above protective measures for production, can avoid the mixing station equipment failure, extend the use of the station equipment.

  1. The construction site for concrete batching plant should have flood control and drainage systems and measures, and the roads should be kept unblocked.
  2. concrete batching plant foundation pit, groove should be a systematic drainage ditch, and should often check the stability of the batching plant earth wall, to avoid earthwork collapse.
  3. Template coating isolation agent, should be covered, to prevent being washed by rain;If the isolation agent is found to be washed by rain, should be repainted brush, square pouring concrete.
  4. Cement warehouse shed and mixer should be frequently checked to prevent leakage of rain.
  5. We should often determine the commercial concrete batching plant's sand, stone water content, and should be deducted in the mix of the amount of water.
  6. On rainy days to transport raw materials and concrete, should be covered.
  7. Before pouring concrete, water should be removed from the mold.
  8. If open structure and components are required for continuous construction without construction joints, generally should be erected waterproof canopy. If not, adequate protection against rain (such as tarpaulin, linoleum, etc.) should be prepared to cover in time and prevent rain from washing. If the surface of the component is washed by rain, it should be smoothed again.
  9. Anti-skid measures should be taken on slopes and horse trails.
  10. Electric machinery and electric wire, should be frequently checked by electricians whether leakage;When leakage of electricity is found, the work should be stopped immediately for repair.

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