Dust control of the concrete batching plant

2020-11-0658Bonnie Yang

Environmental protection concrete batching plant does not treat dust to achieve the standard of outward emission and recycling. To achieve this goal, we can take the following measures:

  1. Completely seal the stirring machine. 
    The main engine of the concrete mixing plant is fully enclosed and packed, mostly adopts the way of steel structure mobile house, when necessary, the dust collector is set in the interior, the main machine is one of the main sources of dust generation in the batching process, so the closed treatment is very necessary.
  2. The aggregate storage is completely enclosed. 
    Aggregate storage is another major source of dust from concrete batching plants and should also be sealed. At present, there are mainly two ways to store aggregates: rigid structure workshop is completely enclosed and steel plate warehouse is stored.
  3. Plant hygiene.
    During the operation of shenbei concrete batching plant, there will be a lot of vehicles coming in and going out, the dust and soil generated will directly pollute the environment of the plant. Therefore, the road surface should be sprayed with water and cleaned to prevent the dust phenomenon caused by dry and windy weather.

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