How much money can a concrete batching plant make in a year?


How much money a standard HZS120 concrete batching plant can earn in a year can be calculated through "annual total turnover-total material consumption-energy consumption, maintenance costs-worker wages-annual business tax".

Total annual turnover:

A piece of HZS120 concrete batching plant equipment has a theoretical productivity of 120m³/h. The actual output per hour is more reasonable as 100m³. A day is calculated as 8 hours, and a year is calculated as 300 days. The total annual output can reach 144,000 cubic meters of concrete (240,000 cubic meters × 60 %), taking C30# concrete as an example, the average price is 430 yuan/m3, excluding maintenance and other time and calculating it according to 60% of a year, it can be concluded that the total turnover of a year = 144,000 m3 × 430 yuan /square=61.92 million yuan.

Total material consumption:

Materials mainly refer to gravel, sand, cement, fly ash and water, etc. The average value is 290 yuan/square meter. The total annual material consumption = 290 yuan/square meter × 144,000 square meters = 36 million yuan.

Energy consumption, maintenance costs:

Based on the average value, the consumption is 15 yuan/square meter, and the total cost is = 15 yuan/square meter × 144,000 square meters = 2.16 million yuan.

worker's salary:

There are about 10 workers in a HZS120 concrete batching plant, and the average salary is 5,000 yuan/yuan. The total salary cost = 5,000 yuan/month/person × 10 people × 12 months = 600,000 yuan.

Annual business tax: 6% × 61.92 million yuan = 3.7152 million yuan

Through the above statistics, it can be calculated how much a standard HZS120 concrete batching plant can earn per year = 61.92 million yuan - 41.76 million yuan - 2.16 million yuan - 600,000 yuan - 3.7152 million yuan = 13.6848 million yuan RMB. Although the annual profit is considerable, in the early stages of building a 120-meter concrete batching plant, you still need to choose higher-quality concrete batching plant equipment to minimize equipment failures. Users can consult our website construction experts to choose a suitable concrete batching plant model and configuration.

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